Substance Use Management

  • Substance Use Management

    Clinically supported advice on substance use management for healthcare providers

    Peer-to-peer consultation from physicians, clinical pharmacists, and nurses with special expertise in substance use evaluation and management.

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We advise on all aspects of substance use management, including:

  • Assessment and treatment of opioid, alcohol, and other substance use disorders
  • Approaches to suspected misuse, abuse, or diversion of prescribed opioids
  • Methods to simplify opioid-based pain regimens to reduce risk of misuse and toxicity
  • Urine toxicology testing – when to use it and what it means
  • Use of buprenorphine and the role of methadone maintenance
  • Withdrawal management for opioids, alcohol, and other CNS depressants
  • Harm reduction strategies and overdose prevention
  • Managing substance use in special populations (pregnancy, HIV, hepatitis)
  • Productive ways of discussing known or suspected addiction with patients

Advice for providers from national experts

The CCC’s consultation on HIV/AIDS and exposure management has helped guide clinicians for more than 20 years. That same expert consultation is now available for decision-making around substance use management, including the treatment of complex patients with addiction, chronic pain, and behavioral health issues; considerations around medication regimens and the risk of overdose; and caring for and supporting persons living with or at risk for HIV.

Up-to-date information

Our clinical consultation staff stays abreast of established guidelines and the latest medical literature in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment to ensure the advice you receive is up-to-date and clinically supported.

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