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Tools to Help You Manage Exposures to HIV and Hepatitis B and C

Prompt post-exposure treatment for HIV and hepatitis can be effective, but because each exposure case is unique, determining who should receive prophylaxis and which drugs are most appropriate is not always easy. CCC clinicians have compiled and created tools to assist you in identifying what constitutes an exposure that requires PEP, and how to proceed with PEP treatment confidently.

PEP Guidelines

Latest PEP Guidelines and Guidances

Current U.S. Public Health Service guidelines and select treatment protocols for managing exposures to HIV and hepatitis B and C. Guidelines on this page are updated in concordance with USPHS updatesfor each topic.

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PEP Quick Guide

PEP Quick Guide

The Quick Guide provides Guidelines-based post-exposure prophylaxis recommendations from our clinicians to help you with urgent decision-making for occupational exposures to HIV and hepatitis B and C. Learn at a glance whether PEP is warranted, what initial and follow-up tests are required, and how to handle special circumstances such as human bites and PEP in pregnancy.

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PEP Quick Guide

Hepatitis Exposure Management

Current U.S. Public Health Services guidelines and an at-a-glance hepatitis exposure management quick guide to help you with urgent decision-making for needlestick and other exposures to hepatitis B and C.
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