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  • HIV Testing

    We provide peer-to-peer advice on HIV Testing

    Our HIV Testing e-Inquiry Service provides expert advice on routine and rapid HIV testing, from determining initial test results to providing follow-up testing, including:

    • Implementing routine HIV testing
    • Choosing the appropriate HIV test
    • Deciphering indeterminate test results

    Contact our HIV e-Inquiry Service by email:

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    Call for a Phone Consultation

    (800) 933-3413
    Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST


Our routine HIV testing e-Inquiry service

2013 guidelines from the USPS Task Force recommend all persons aged 15 to 65 undergo routine testing regardless of perceived risk.  Individualized expert case consultation on HIV testing questions is available for healthcare providers through the CCC’s HIV e-Inquiry Service. Providers can initiate a consultation by emailing us at hivtesting@nccc.ucsf [hyperlink]. A CCC clinician will help you with questions that arise from HIV testing in your practice by responding to your testing email inquiry within two business days. Please do not include any patient-identifying information should you choose to contact us through email.

Testing questions can also be submitted through our online case submission system, or for urgent inquiries, reach a clinician directly by phone at (800) 933-3413. For additional information and educational materials on routine HIV testing, please visit the CDC’s HIV Screening. Standard Care. TM website.

More HIV testing tools to help your practice

Tools from The Center

The CCC has developed unique tools largely derived from experience consulting on similar topics. These include:

      • CCC Frequently Asked Questions About HIV Testing
        Open PDF Open PDF | From the CCC
      • CCC Preguntas Mas Frecuentes Relacionadas a las Pruebas de Sida
        Open PDF Open PDF | From the CCC
    • Implementing Testing in Clinical Practice: Practical Advice from the CCC
      Open Link Open Link | From

Testing implementation

The CCC has compiled resources to help you implement testing in your practice. These include:

      • CDC Recommendations on Routine HIV Testing
        Open PDF Open PDF | From the CDC MMWR
      • Routine HIV Testing in Healthcare Settings Coding Guide
         Open PDF
    • HIV Testing and Screening Cost and Reimbursement Calculator
      Open LinkOpen Link | From

Linkage to care

Resources on linking to testing and care:

  • AIDS Education and Training National Resource Center Testing Resources
    Open Link Open Link | From the AETC NRC
  • AIDS Education and Training Regional Centers
    Open LinkOpen Link | From the AETC NRC
  • American Academy of HIV Medicine Referral Link
    Open LinkOpen Link | From AAHIVM
  • HIV Medicine Association Provider Directory
    Open LinkOpen Link | From HIVMA
  • HIV/AIDS Services Locator
    Open LinkOpen Link | From
  • CDC Find a Testing Site
    Open LinkOpen Link | From

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