HIV Testing

  • HIV Testing

    We provide peer-to-peer advice on HIV testing

    Our HIV/AIDS Management Consultation Service provides extensive consultation on all aspects of routine and rapid HIV testing, from determining initial test results to providing follow-up testing, including:

    • Implementing routine HIV testing
    • Choosing the appropriate HIV test
    • Deciphering indeterminate test results

    Submit a Case for Consultation

    Send a CCC clinician your case online.


    Call for a Phone Consultation

    (800) 933-3413
    Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. EST


More HIV testing tools to help your practice

Tools from The Center

The CCC has developed unique tools largely derived from experience consulting on similar topics. These include:

      • CCC Frequently Asked Questions About HIV Testing
        Open PDF Open PDF | From the CCC
      • CCC Preguntas Mas Frecuentes Relacionadas a las Pruebas de Sida
        Open PDF Open PDF | From the CCC
    • Implementing Testing in Clinical Practice: Practical Advice from the CCC
      Open Link Open Link | From

Testing implementation

The CCC has compiled resources to help you implement testing in your practice. These include:

      • CDC Recommendations on Routine HIV Testing
        Open PDF Open PDF | From the CDC MMWR
      • Routine HIV Testing in Healthcare Settings Coding Guide
         Open PDF
    • HIV Testing and Screening Cost and Reimbursement Calculator
      Open LinkOpen Link | From

Linkage to care

Resources on linking to testing and care:

  • AIDS Education and Training National Resource Center Testing Resources
    Open Link Open Link | From the AETC NRC
  • AIDS Education and Training Regional Centers
    Open LinkOpen Link | From the AETC NRC
  • American Academy of HIV Medicine Referral Link
    Open LinkOpen Link | From AAHIVM
  • HIV Medicine Association Provider Directory
    Open LinkOpen Link | From HIVMA
  • HIV/AIDS Services Locator
    Open LinkOpen Link | From
  • CDC Find a Testing Site
    Open LinkOpen Link | From

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