Welcome to the CCC!

Hello and welcome to the HRSA – AETC Clinician Consultation Center! We’re excited to announce a number of new services and resources to enhance what you’ve historically received from the Warmline, PEPline, and Perintal HIV Hotline. To offer you expert and timely consultation on HIV/AIDS and bloodborne pathogen exposures, we’ve added online consultation and case-tracking features accessible from your desktop computer or mobile device. We’ve spiffed up our website, and added and improved a host of tools and resources. And we’ve got a new look to usher us into our twenty-third year of service. We hope these changes will help you quickly and accurately get the information you need to best serve your patients.

The Clinician Consultation Center
(photo: Elisabeth Fall)

New Look, New Name

For more than twenty years, we’ve been known and trusted as the National HIV/AIDS Clinician Consultation Center (NCCC), home of the Warmline, PEPline, and Perinatal HIV Hotline. We’ve trimmed down! Under our new name, the Clinician Consultation Center (CCC), we will be providing the same great services over the telephone, and we’ve added a new mode of receiving advice: online consultation. We hope these changes will help the CCC and the AIDS Education and Training Centers Program, of which we are a part, be your go-to clinical consultation and education resources on HIV and bloodborne pathogen exposures.

Our Mission

From our early days consulting during the devastating beginnings of the HIV epidemic to the promising future of an HIV-free generation that stands ahead, we strive to provide you timely and expert consultation. We strive to help you give the best possible care to your HIV patients and to those who may have sustained bloodborne pathogen exposures.

As a mission-driven organization, we are also pleased to unveil our new mission statement, which serves as the guide to our consultative practice:

The CCC’s mission is to improve patient health outcomes by building the capacity of healthcare providers through expert clinical consultation and education.

Online Consultation for Clinicians

On our website you will find a number of new resources and tools, the most remarkable of which is a registration system that allows clinicians seeking advice on HIV management to initiate consultation rapidly and confidentially online. This new online case consultation system allows you to create a log-in to submit consultation requests and to track and review previously submitted cases and advice. Registration is easy and requires just your name and a valid email address. We encourage you to sign up today!

New and Revamped Resources

As you look around our new site, you will notice a wealth of information and unique tools from the CCC. This includes new items such as PEP Quick Guide for at-a-glance information on urgent exposures to bloodborne pathogens, the Compendium of State HIV Testing Laws for state-by-state information HIV testing laws and policies, and our updated Antiretroviral Guides for assistance on dosing, dosing in renal insufficiency, adverse reactions, and drug-drug interactions.

These improvements are thanks to a generous one-time funding package from our funder and partner, the Health Resources and Services Administration. These changes have been underway for the better part of a year. We’re happy to bring them to you, excited for you to try them out, and look forward to discussing your future HIV and bloodborne pathogen cases with you online or over the telephone.


The Clinician Consultation Center Team